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AquaticLife T5 LED Hybrid Light With Mounting Systems

aquatic life t5 hybrid

AquaticLife White T5/LED Hybrid Light with Mounting Systems is a great choice if you have AI White HD, Prime LED or Black AI lights. These lights also include two 2X39W T5/HO lights, which are a great combination of performance and value. In addition, the mountable unit comes with two EcoTech Ra…

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The Importance of Reef Breeders

Reef Breeders are LED fixtures designed specifically for aquariums. They are dimmable, have dawn and dusk simulation, and are modular. They have two fans per channel, running cool air throughout the entire fixture. They are expected to ship on September 15th. This article will give you the inside sc…

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Premium Aquatic Supplies - Actinic Blue

Giesemann Actinic Blue is a powerful fluorescent lighting solution used to promote the growth of corals. It produces almost exclusively blue light and mimics the conditions found in natural seawater. Its wavelengths range from 400 to 510 nm, making it an excellent choice for reef aquariums. Here are…

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Red Sea Reefer Series by Deep Blue Aquariums

Red Sea Reefer 350, a complete Reef Aquatics series of reef tanks, offers hobbyists a strong base for constructing a well-rounded marine aquarium or reef system. The Reefer series provides a simple yet efficient approach to designing a reef tank, and the all-inclusive Reefer series is very low-maint…

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Liquid Prazipro Treats Your Fish For Good

Liquid Prazipro is an effective, ready-to-use liquid concentrate that has been developed in order to provide the hobbyist a powerful means to manipulate unwanted parasites in their water, fish, or pond. Extremely effective and safe this innovative product will not only effectively control but also o…

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