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Red Sea Reefer Series by Deep Blue Aquariums

Red Sea Reefer 350, a complete Reef Aquatics series of reef tanks, offers hobbyists a strong base for constructing a well-rounded marine aquarium or reef system. The Reefer series provides a simple yet efficient approach to designing a reef tank, and the all-inclusive Reefer series is very low-maintenance, even for a beginning hobbyist. The all-inclusive Reefer series also offers an extremely compact design, which is easy to handle and transport, despite its relatively modest size. The Red Sea Reefer 350 is the ultimate reef aquarium, providing an outstanding display for any visitor to the hobby.

The all-inclusive Reefer series also includes a high-tech pump, the Reef Spey return pump, which is specially designed to distribute the oxygenated water through the entire aquarium, providing constant water circulation. It also features a compact, reusable skimmer basket, which can be detached and cleaned easily. This allows the user to operate the pump and skimmer at any time, even when there is other aquarium equipment inside the tank. The compact design, coupled with an intelligent temperature controller, means that the red sea reefer 350 will last for many years, without needing to be maintained or serviced.


The red sea reefer series also provides a wide range of accessories, such as sponges for cleaning, a replacement skimmer basket, and an efficient filtration system. These accessories help to keep the red sea reefer 350 at the top of its game, providing a clear display for hobbyists and professionals. These are the perfect solution for anyone who is just starting out, and who needs a tank that will take care of a long time to come. It's important to understand that this tank has been designed for experienced hobbyists and professionals, who are seeking the highest quality in reef aquarium products. For amateurs and beginners, it would be wise to seek advice from experts.

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