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AquaticLife T5 LED Hybrid Light With Mounting Systems

aquatic life t5 hybrid

AquaticLife White T5/LED Hybrid Light with Mounting Systems is a great choice if you have AI White HD, Prime LED or Black AI lights. These lights also include two 2X39W T5/HO lights, which are a great combination of performance and value. In addition, the mountable unit comes with two EcoTech Radion XR15w and an EcoTech Radion XR15w, which are great for supplemental lighting.

The T5 hybrid system includes four T5 HO lamps and two reflector bays to direct light into your reef. It also comes with a high-end HEP ballast that is perfect for flicker-free operation and ensures long life. The fixture is available in 24" and 36" lengths, making it ideal for small to medium tanks. The T5s come with a silicone end cap so that they can't get too dirty or corroded from saltwater.

For larger aquariums, the T5 hybrid fixture comes in four sizes: 24 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, and 61 inches. Choosing the correct size is important to achieve optimum light coverage. Some tanks may be wider than others, and the fixtures can be adjusted to fit your needs. The Aquatic Life T5 hybrid is available in several lengths. It fits a variety of aquariums. A 24-inch unit will fit a 24" tank.

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